DatPlot Version 1.3.3: Bug fix

DatPlot 1.3.3 fixes three bugs that were brought to my attention (thank you!).

  1. A user had a data set where the time over midnight changed from 23:59:59 (HH:MM:ss) to 24:00:00 instead of 00:00:00. DatPlot throws an error since it cannot interpret a time of 24:00:00 (a .NET framework issue). Now, when such time data is imported, DatPlot will replace any times with 24:xx:xx with 00:xx:xx and increase the day by one.
  2. When importing CSV data, any blank lines present were shown in the import preview window. These lines were also given their own line numbers. Unfortunately, internally, DatPlot does not count a blank line with its own line number. Thus, setting the data header, unit and starting line numbers based on the preview numbering resulted in misaligned starting points. Now, DatPlot will strip out any blank lines when showing the data import preview so the line numbers line up with what is use internally.
  3. DatPlot’s CSV reader considers a leading hashmark (#) as a comment symbol. Any data lines leading with this character will not be displayed in the import preview as they are ignored during┬áthe┬ádata import.

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