DatPlot Version 1.3.5: New File Options

Version 1.3.5 is a minor update adding two new file formats that can be parsed and plottted. One is output from the popular flight simulator X-Plane (www.x-plane.com). DatPlot can read the output file generated by either versionĀ 9 or 10 of X-Plane. Several engineering companies use X-Plane for early simulation purposes and the need arose to plot X-Plane generated data in DatPlot.

The second addition is for data files that are delimited by multiple spaces instead of a single space or a single tab character. For example:


In this case, each minus sign or dash represents a single space character. Regardless of the number of spaces, DatPlot strips them and parses the file accordingly. Obviously the same number of columns must exist throughout the file for the parsing to succeed.

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