What is DatPlot?
DatPlot is a free data visualization application for the Windows operating system. It was developed to easily and quickly create strip chart plots from delimited text files, such as CSV or similar files. Data can be plotted using line or scatter plots, events can be marked and parameter values at the event lines are automatically labeled. Finally, by swapping source data files, multiple plots of similar data can quickly be generated.

Current DatPlot version is 1.4.14

Download and use DatPlot for free now.

Focus on Your Data, Not Your Software

DatPlot is intuitive to use, allowing you to spend more time analyzing your data and less time struggling with your plotting software for the desired report plot look. DatPlot helps you to rapidly extract the critical information you seek from your data using scatter plots and line plots set up as strip charts.

Dynamic Zooming & Panning

Effortlessly zoom and pan on your plots to fully explore your data. Restrict your zooming to just the X or Y axis, if needed. For a strip chart setup, the x-axis are synced for all graphs. No more wasting time manually resetting your axis scales!

Event Lines Mark the Important Events

For time series data, place event lines to mark important events. Where the event line intersects a curve, the intersection point is calculated using linear interpolation between the two nearest curve points and labeled. This dramatically decreases your data analysis time and increases data comprehension.

Data Source Swap: Set up once, reuse repeatedly

Have your plot looking like you want, but need to create a dozen more plots using similar source data? Simply swap your data source file for immediate plot updates against the new data, reducing your plotting work from hours to minutes.

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Save your Plotting Session

You are busy. Other work priorities need to be completed first. But what about the plots you are currently working on? Save your current session. When you load your session file, all plots and curves are exactly where you left off.

Print or Save your Final Chart for Report Use

Save your final plot as a JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF, or BMP file for easy use in your report. Or send your completed plot directly to the printer for a paper hard copy. Your choice.