August 2011 Update

DatPlot Changes & License Decision

DatPlot has been in the hands of four beta testers for a couple of weeks now. Through their feedback, I’ve been able to add a few useful features to DatPlot in addition to fixing a few bugs found. Specifically the following changes were made to DatPlot (thank you to all beta testers!):

  • Added ability to add/move/edit/remove text annotations on graph pane surface
  • Added ability to manually set X, Y and Y2 (right Y axis) axis minimum and maximum range values
  • Added ability to use logarithmic scale for X, Y, and Y2 axis
  • Added ability to plot data with partially missing (blank) parameter values
  • Added help documentation
  • Numerous bug fixes….
I’ve also made a decision on how I want to offer DatPlot. I decided to go with a simple freeware license. Basically you will be able to download for free and use DatPlot for your own (legal) needs, however you wish. For the full legal juiciness of the license, you will have to wait until you can download and install DatPlot, hopefully by the end of August 2011. More soon!


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