DatPlot Version 1.1 Is Now Available

After only four days of launching DatPlot, I decided it was already time for version 1.1. Not due to any bugs submitted, but due to a couple of annoyances I came across and the desire for DatPlot to be a little more in-your-face about checking for updates.

Since I hope to update DatPlot every 6-8 weeks, depending on workload, feature suggestions and required implementation time, I decided there had to be some mechanism to prompt the user to check for updates. With version 1.0, you could manually check for updates (Help > Check for updates), but I wanted DatPlot to do its part to periodically remind the user. I decided not to go as far as perform update checks in the background every time DatPlot launches, mainly because there are likely users behind corporate firewalls who may not have access to the internet.

Instead, DatPlot will prompt the user every 28 days (4 weeks) to check for updates at the Download page of this site:

As the prompt states, the user can easily disable this reminder in the Options settings, if desired. Since the reminder occurs only every 4 weeks, I would recommend against doing that, however, so you will be running the latest version of DatPlot.

Two other improvements were incorporated into version 1.1. Previously, if data was plotted and the user selected Open Existing Plot, the plot was cleared before the user could select a DPM file to open. This could lead to accidental loss of the currently plotted data (loss of work!). Now DatPlot will not clear the plotted data until the user selects and opens another DPM file and therefore leaves the user a chance to cancel out of the Open DPM process without losing work.

Finally, the prompt shown when loading new source data (and now also when opening an existing DPM file) was reworded to more clearly communicate to the user what is happening using a simple Yes/No question.


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