Where’s The Next Version?

It’s been a while since I posted an update. Both to the blog and to DatPlot. Truth is, I’ve been busy with bill paying work. But it looks as if I’ll have some time in the near future to dedicate toward improving DatPlot.

As mentioned in previous posts, I hope to add multiple Y-Axis capability. Some people like to just have one plot showing all their data instead of using strip charts. But to support a larger number of data parameters, it would be handy to have multiple Y-Axis on the left and right sides. I plan on getting back into investigating such an option.

Another idea I have for DatPlot is to support contour plots. Meteorology is a hobby of mine, and I love weather data contour plots. I think DatPlot would also benefit from supporting contour plots.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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