DatPlot Version 1.3 Now Available

Version 1.3 of DataPlot is now available. It includes a new feature and a bug fix.

Version 1.3 allows the user to show or hide an information box in the upper right corner of each graph pane that displays the minimum/mean/maximum point values for each curve in the pane. This feature is accessed via the menu (Edit > Toggle Min/Mean/Max) or via the keyboard shortcut CTRL+M. Note that only the points visible on the graph pane are used to calculate the min/mean/max values. Any points of the curve that are not visible on the pane are ignored.

Example of Min/Mean/Max curve information shown


In addition, with Version 1.3 it is now possible (again) to swap data once a saved plot file has been opened. This was the originally intended functionality, but was broken with Version 1.2.

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