DatPlot Version 1.3.8: Select number decimal symbol

Previously, DatPlot could only use CSV files where the number decimal symbol used matched the symbol of the host computer’s OS regional setting. In some countries, such as the United States or Australia a dot (.) is used as the decimal mark. In other countries, including most European countries, a comma (,) is used as the decimal mark.

If a CSV file was created in France using a comma decimal mark and another user in the United States (where the dot is the common decimal mark) tried to open that file, DatPlot would not know what to do with it. The user would have to find/replace all commas with dots before importing the CSV int DatPlot.

Version 1.3.8 changes this. Now, the user is presented with the option to override the used decimal mark for any CSV import:


When DatPlot is started, the decimal symbol displayed is defaulted to the symbol set in Windows’ Regional Settings. If you typically deal with CSV files that use the same symbol as used in your country, then no change to this parameter is required.

If, however, you receive a CSV file where the symbol is different, you can set the decimal mark used to either dot or comma, whichever the CSV contains. Doing this has some important implications:

  1. The decimal symbol you select during CSV import is used for all future DatPlot work until you either 1) quit/exit DatPlot or 2) import a new CSV and change the symbol during import (note that changing the symbol only affects the running DatPlot program, not your operating system or any other programs running).
  2. If you open a pre-1.3.8 saved DPM plot file, the decimal symbol used in it may differ from the symbol DatPlot is currently using.

The second point is important to remember. Prior to Version 1.3.8, DPM files do not contain information about which decimal mark is used for the data. Instead, it assumed the default decimal mark defined in the operating system’s regional settings is used. When opening older DPM files where DatPlot does not know which decimal symbol was used, it will prompt you to tell DatPlot which symbol was used to it can update the DPM file with that information:


If you decide not to update the DPM file with the decimal mark used, simply click Cancel. In that case, you will see this prompt every time you open the DPM file.  Note that pre-1.3.8 versions of DatPlot can still open DPM files with version 1.3.8 and on.

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