DatPlot Version 1.4.1: Input Format Flexibility

After some time away from the code, I’m starting to get back into it and updating DatPlot. This minor update brings more input file format flexibility.

Previously, you could not have any blank or non-data lines (other than delimited header and unit lines) before the delimited numeric data is presented. Now you can. Nothing changes in terms of using DatPlot. You must still specify the line number where your plot data starts, and, optionally, the parameter name and unit line numbers. But you can now have comment lines and blank lines prior to those key lines. You still cannot, however, have non-data lines after your plot data block.

An example of what you can now have:

#---data start ---
# this is a comment line

Previous line was blank
Param1, Param2, Param3
Unit1, Unit2, Unit3
0.4, 3.5, 2.7
5.8, 1.8, 9.4


Hopefully, this makes DatPlot more useful.


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