DatPlot Version 1.4.2: Rename Y and Y2 Axis Titles, More Date/Time Formats

Custom Y and Y2 Axis Titles

This update finally gives you the ability to rename Y and Y2 axis titles. Right-click on the desired graph-pane and select Graph Pane > Format…. The bottom of the dialog will look like this:

custom Y axis title

You can override the existing Y and Y2 axis labels. You can also use CTRL+ENTER keyboard command to force a line break.

Additional Date/Time Formats

The second update brings additional time/date formats for those who want more control over how this is displayed. The following screen shot shows all formats, but basicall, Month Year (May 2014), Day Month (14 May), and a slew of DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY formats were added.

new date formats





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