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Version 1.2 in Beta Testing

Version 1.2 of DatPlot has officially entered beta testing stage. Depending on how the testing pans out, an official 1.2 should be available in a few weeks. Besides some bug changes, the following modifications were made to DatPlot:

  • Ability to display time or date formatted X axis parameter
  • Ability to add new columns to the data table and paste numeric data in the new columns from the clipboard (i.e. copy data from any¬†spreadsheet, paste it into DatPlot)
  • The DPM file format was changed to now include both plot data as well as the full data table numeric data (no more dependent on the data source file and knowledge of its location!)
The time/date format change allows a user to import Excel formatted time/date data and use this parameter for the X axis. This will enable users to display time scale on the X axis using HH:mm:ss.fff, HH:mm:ss, mm:ss.fff, mm:ss, or Year/Month/Day formats. For some users, this is the preferred display format rather than showing a time axis starting at zero.

The ability to paste external data into a new column was added because some users perform calculations on their data in Excel and would like to plot the results. Now you can perfom such calculations in Excel (maybe dependent on your data source data), copy/paste the results column into DatPlot, give that new parameter a unique parameter name (important!) and then plot it in DatPlot.

Finally, I was never 100% happy with the need to keep the source data file around to load a DPM file. Even though I don’t like data duplication, I decided it was necessary to save all data displayed in the data table to the DPM file. Especially now that you can add new data columns to the data table. This required a new format for the DPM save file. Version 1.2 will still open DPM files created by V1.0 or V1.1. But after telling DatPlot the location of the source data file, DatPlot V1.2 will automatically update (read: overwrite!) the existing DPM file and save it using the new file format to include both plot and all numeric data from the data source file.

Obviously this results in a larger DPM file size. It also means that you will not be able to open a DPM file saved with V1.2 using V1.0 or V1.1. But since V1.2 file format is the way forward, I’d rather get all older DPMs converted now (no, I do not leave you a choice to keep the old format). The benefit of this new format is that DPM files are now fully portable and do not rely on the data source file anymore. Email a DPM file to your colleague and they will be able to open up this file provided they are using DatPlot V1.2 or later.
I hope to release V1.2 by mid October, depending on how testing goes.