DatPlot System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Average computer hardware from 2005 or newer (faster CPU and/or more RAM, the better)
  • 5MB of hard drive space
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 recommended
  • A mouse with a scroll wheel/button recommended (ideal for dynamic zooming/panning)

How to install or update DatPlot

Click the button below to download the DatPlot install executable (DatPlot_Install.exe, 1.3 MB), double-click the EXE to install or update the currently installed version (install to same folder overwriting the existing files), read the freeware license for DatPlot usage and save time plotting data! When updating DatPlot, your preferences are saved from the previous version.

Latest DatPlot version is: 1.4.14

Download comma delimited source data test files to try out DataPlot (Right-click > Save As…)

Both test files have identical parameters (column names), but different numeric data so you can swap data sources between the two files to try out that feature.

Version History

Version/Build       Date       Revision
  1.4.14 Build 195 2017-12-23    Runs in 32 or 64 bit mode based on OS. 64-bit can handle larger CSV sizes with suffcient RAM.
  1.4.8 Build 185  2015-02-09    See blog post for changelog.
  1.4.7 Build 183  2015-01-09    Fix: Option dialog for Italian users (no new functionality).
  1.4.6 Build 181  2014-11-30    New: Fit data to chart (X, Y and Y2 axis) and load up to 1300 data columns.
  1.4.4 Build 176  2014-05-22    Fix: Fixes chopped off dialog (format graph pane) for Italian users.
  1.4.3 Build 175  2014-04-16    Fix: Data Swap with empty inputs works now.
  1.4.2 Build 174  2014-03-07    New: Rename Y and Y2 axis titles.
				 New: More x-axis date/time format options.
  1.4.1 Build 173  2014-03-05    New: Input files can have blank and non-data lines prior to plot headers and data.
  1.4.0 Build 172  2013-10-30    New: Hideable data columns that persist between data swaps.
  1.3.9 Build 171  2013-10-16    New: Added Italian localization resources.
  1.3.8 Build 170  2013-06-06    New: Added option to set decimal symbol (dot or comma) used on CSV import.
  1.3.7 Build 167  2013-03-22    Tweak: Added two Date & Time format options to x-axis (YY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss and YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss.fff).
  1.3.6 Build 166  2013-02-09    Tweak: When selecting parameter to plot, the parameter list dropdown width adjusts to the longest parameter name.
  1.3.5 Build 165  2013-01-08    Added: Parse and plot X-Plane output files and files with multiple spaces as delimiter.  
  1.3.3 Build 162  2012-10-07    Fix: Fixed error when 24:xx:xx time encountered.
                                 Fix: DatPlot now previews CSV data without blank lines to allow for correct line number input on data import.
                                 Fix: DatPlot skips any data lines that start with '#' since internally DatPlot reads this symbol as a comment.
  1.3.2 Build 159  2012-06-17    Fix: Resolved crash when using Data Swap with a time-based x-axis plot.
  1.3.1 Build 158  2012-06-10    Fix: Resolved crash when removing a curve.
				 Fix: Enabled intersection point data export again.
  1.3 Build 157    2012-05-11    New: Display min/mean/max point value for all visible curve points of each curve in each graph pane.
				 Fix: Data swap is now enabled after opening a saved plot file.
  1.2 Build 153    2011-10-06    New: Read an Excel formatted time/data parameter and display it on the X axis using a variety of time/date formats.
			         New: Ability to add a blank column to the end of the data table and paste new data into the column.
				 Improvement: Plot save file (.DPM) now saves both plot and data table data and automatically updates DPM
					      files saved with V1.0 or V1.1 to the V1.2 format.
					      NOTE - V1.0/1.1 cannot open DPM files saved with V1.2!
  1.1 Build 134    2011-08-24    New: Prompt user to check for updated version every 4 weeks (can be disabled in Options).
                                 Improvement: Open existing DPM file with data currently plotted will delete current plot only after user
                                              selected the desired DPM file to open, preventing accidental loss of work.
                                 Improvement: With data currently plotted, opening a new data source or DPM file now displays a
                                              clearer worded question to inform user and prevent data loss.
  1.0 Build 131    2011-08-19    Initial version


DatPlot License

DatPlot is licensed as freeware. Click here to read the full license, but basically, the following points apply:

  • DatPlot is free to use (no cost) for any legal purpose for individuals and businesses
  • You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the executable or its installer executable
  • You may not rent or sell DatPlot
  • DatPlot is offered as-is, without warranty of any kind
  • I cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by using DatPlot
  • Basically, use DatPlot at your own risk!